Our stories


Below is just some of the feedback we have had from our members in five years of Ride High.  You can click on one of the photos above to read one of our many success stories. 


“Thank you for everything you have done by introducing me to all your horses and allowing me to make friends. Ride High has enabled me to do more things than any other child would do.”


“I’ve such a hard shell but actually I go home and cry because people bully me all the time at school. At Ride High I can be myself and people are nice.”


“I wanted to be a footballer but as I have been coming to Ride High I have not been playing football that much. So I think I have more potential at being able to ride horses more often. I would like to be a trainer like people at Ride High.”


“Thank you for caring for me and looking after me and sorting out my problems and making me feel more confident.”


“Thank you for having me at Ride High and it has changed my life. I love horses now thanks to Ride High. If you need me just call me.”


“I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything in the world; it has given me something to look forward to and has given me my confidence back.”


“I feel much better now I have just talked about my problems – I’ve never just told someone everything before.”


“If it wasn’t for the Ride High team, I would have made some seriously bad choices over the past year.”


“I don’t need self-harming as a release anymore – I have horse riding.”


“I’m really proud of myself because I asked a question! I wasn’t going to because I was scared.”


“When I see Mars I feel I can tell him anything.”


“Ride High has been a life changing experience for me”


“Ride High has helped with my tinnitus”


“I like Ride High because everyone is so friendly – people listen to me here”


“My behaviour has improved since coming to Ride High, and I have learnt to work in a team”


“The most important thing I have learnt is listening to what people say”