Kerryanne’s story

Kerryanne was 15 when she was excluded from mainstream school.  Her behaviour had become too difficult for the school to manage.   She has ADHD and found it difficult to interact with both adults and other children, meaning her attendance was irregular.  Altogether she missed around two years of education.

Soon after her exclusion she lost two of her closest family members to cancer.



“My Nan had been unwell for a while; she was pretty much living in the hospital.  I was visiting her every day.  It was around then we found out my Auntie was unwell too.  In the end it was only a few days after my Auntie’s funeral when my Nana passed away.”



Kerryanne was referred to Ride High at the end of 2012 when it was discovered she was self-harming.  She was a member for just over one year.

“Everyone in my group was really nice.  I made friends that I’m still in touch with.  It was great to see others getting happier every week.  At the start I was riding Frankie but he was a bit slow.  I’d only been for a couple of sessions when the Club leader suggested that I might like to ride Tigger because he was energetic, just like me!  I fell in love with him straight away and from then on I rode him every lesson.  I’ve still got a photo of him on my wall at home.  Horses are one of the few animals I feel really connected to; they seem to really understand how I feel.

“The Club leader helped me to talk through my feelings and my worries every week.  I don’t know where I would be now without Ride High.  They taught me to be more confident and to be myself around people.

“In 2013 they took us on a day trip to Moulton College to show us the kind of qualifications we could get if we wanted to work with animals and horses.  I knew from that day that I wanted to become a dressage rider, so this year I’ve been working hard to get my English and Maths GCSE with a tutor.  I had my college interview in May 2014 for a place on their Horse Care course.  They said that they were impressed with my confidence and that’s what got me my place.

“Thanks to everyone at Ride High who helped me gain the confidence in horse riding and for all your support; I am very grateful.”