Feedback from Schools

“B has given up on many activities at school when he has been faced with any failure or difficulty but he is sticking with this, so all I can say is thank you.  I really feel this could be a turning point for him and his future path”

– Pupil and family support worker, Milton Keynes school

“Last year eight children attended Ride High on a Friday morning.  These children presented with very varying personalities and needs. Over the term these children developed in confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. They developed extremely positive relationships with your staff, each other and the horses. Many of the children said that it was the best part of their week and that they really looked forwards to Friday – coming to school was worth it because of Ride High!  As a school it was great for us that part of the sessions were writing/learning based – the children had a purpose for writing and learning but didn’t know they were ‘doing work’!  The children came back to school revitalised and for many of them they had the energy and inner resource to cope with whatever the weekend brought.

“We work very hard to be fully inclusive and to meet the needs of all our children; we do a good job and provide lots of interventions and therapies, but Ride High offers something we can’t in school – it is an amazing therapeutic intervention that really works – whether it is the horses, being out of school, the uniqueness of the journey and location, or all three we have seen the difference it makes.” 

– Tickford Park Primary School

“I referred E because her attendance at school was around 70% and she had significant peer group issues.  Six months later she now has 100% attendance and speaks really highly of Ride High.  She no longer has problems with her peer group; in fact she is now a Peer Mentor helping a younger student similar to her.  E received a Vice Principal award this week for her efforts and has a huge smile on her face while in school!”

– Teacher at Milton Keynes Secondary School

“I am really impressed with the positive changes that have happened to Y.  She is calm and considered within the school”

– Teacher

“At school there has been a great improvement; he is not getting into trouble”

– Teacher

“D has grown up whilst attending Ride High, we have seen a dramatic improvement.  Her mature attitude towards both pupils and staff will help her as she moves on to the her new school”

– Teacher

Milton Keynes Personalised Education Centre (Special School):

“We are really happy with the project and would like to continue using Ride High as a crucial component of our education programme for the foreseeable future. We are seeing positive change in our students and your support is having a significant impact”

– Kirsty Brice, Director.

“Excellent staff always willing to assist, encourage and support.  The learning plans and targets are absolutely appropriate and useful.  We love the course”

– Clare Gott, Teacher

Other comments from teachers:

“I have observed change in J since she started attending sessions, she is now more chatty and can hold a conversation with me, she appears to be coming out as before and appears to be more confident in herself’


“Ride High have been fantastic working with C. She enjoys it and whilst she does not like getting up early – she is still doing it which says a lot! I believe the program has had a very positive impact on C’s attitude towards school and given her an insight into working life. It is early days and I hope to see further improvements with her commitment to yourselves and her attitude at school. I cannot thank you enough for all the support you give the school – thank you.”


“We would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your organisation for your time and help with our children. I think it’s safe to say you have made a lasting impression, we have seen our pupils grow before our eyes”