We currently need to raise over £250,000 every year to continue our work with Milton Keynes’ most disadvantaged children.

Since 2009 we have brought about significant positive change in the lives of over 450 children and young people facing challenges in their daily lives – and this would not have been possible without fundraising events and the support of the community.

A large part of our fundraising is made up of individuals, schools, clubs and members of the community feeling inspired to support Ride High in some way. Whether you attend one of our events, choose us as your charity of the year, organise a fundraising activity like a cake stall, or simply hold a collection in your local area – you’ll be helping us to change lives.


If you’ve already raised funds for Ride High you can send the total to: Ride High, The Dove House, The Avenue, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes, MK17 8HH.


Or if you still need some inspiration to get you started, take a look at our fundraising A-Z…



Aerobics – you could get sponsored to complete a marathon aerobics session!  Get fit and healthy and have fun too.


Afternoon tea – get baking and host a tea party, with donations per cake or an entry fee


Arts and crafts fair – get creative and make cards, jewellery or flower arrangements to sell on a stall



Bag packing at your local supermarket – help the community and raise funds at the same time. Get in touch with us to borrow our Ride High donation buckets and sweatshirts



Beat the goalie – pay to enter, score a goal against the goalie (dressed in a horse costume?) and win a prize


Bring and buy sale – sell old books, DVDs, bric-a-brac and homemade jam




 Car wash – ask your friends or colleagues if you can wash their car for a donationruby


Chocolate ban – get sponsored to give up chocolate for a day, week or month


Collecting tins – ask to borrow our donation buckets and leaflets to hand out and stand in a busy area





Dress-down day – pay to wear your comfy clothes to work


Disco – pay an entry fee and dance the night away



Eating marathon – hold a sponsored eating competition and see who can stuff their face with the most marshmallows, crisps, grapes…we’ll leave the details to you!


Egg and spoon race – charge for entry to your very own Sports Fun Day!  Race your friends and family and see who’s really competitive



Fancy dress – prizes if anyone dresses up as a horse. Penalty fee for anyone who isn’t dressed up..


Five-a-side football – challenge your friends to a tournament – teams should pay to play


Film night – invite people to a film showing of War Horse, Black Beauty or Seabiscuit, charge for entry and refreshments



Guess…the number of sweets in a jar, the name of the horse etc


Games tournament – host a board games, videogames or party games tournament (i.e. pin the tail on the horse)



Head shave – get sponsored to go bald for Ride High


Horse show – put on a show at the stables and charge for tickets



Ironing – provide an ironing service for a price


International evening – serve national recipes, listen to world music and host a quiz


Inflatable – hire a fun bouncy castle, gladiator court or rodeo bull and charge people to have a go




Joke-a-thon – entertain your friends for a fee and tell as many horse related jokes as you can


Jewellery making – get your friends together and show them how to make the latest trend. Then sell what your creations at a craft-fair


Jigsaw marathon – get sponsored for a (horse themed) speed jigsaw puzzle race



Karaoke – host a fun karaoke party and pay per song


Kite flying – pay to enter and whoever’s kite stays up the longest wins. Why not design your own with the Ride High logo?



Litter picking­ – get sponsored to pick up litter and look after the environment too


Line dancing – organise a line dancing event and pay to take part


Loud shirt day – pay to wear your loudest, craziest shirt to work


Lottery – sign your friends up to the Ride High lottery scheme, from as little as £2 a month



Marathon – get sponsored to run a race (dressed as pantomime horse)


Music concert – find those friends who can play an instrument, sing or are in a band and get their talent put to good use. Audience pay entry fee and for refreshments



Night-time walk – host a guided midnight walk and get sponsored


No-smoking – get sponsored to give up smoking



Outward bound – get sponsored to go climbing, hiking or camping

at the summit


Odd clothes day – clash for cash!


Office swear box – money in the box for every swearword



Pin the tail on the pony – pay to play


Pub games – skittles, dominoes, darts, pool


Plant sale – sell your produce



Quiz night -host a quiz and donate the proceeds to Ride High


Quiet – sponsored silence at work or school for a few hours or a whole day



Raffle – ask people or local businesses to donate prizes then sell raffle tickets


Ramble – gather a group of people and go for a big walk, optional theme and charge for entry and refreshments


Riding competition – have some fun at the stables and raise money for Ride High



Nat in Air


Skydiving – take to the skies and get sponsored


Slave auction – people offer their skills to be auctioned, e.g. washing cars, cooking dinner, dog walking


Sit in a bath – get sponsored to spend the day in a bath of beans/tea/custard etc





Tombola – pay per ticket – match the numbered raffle tickets with prizes donated by people or local businesses


Talent competition – charge entry and offer prizes


Treasure hunt – teams compete to find the treasure




Underwear out – wear your underwear on the outside for a day and get sponsored


Unwanted gift sale – ask your friends and family to donate their unwanted Christmas or birthday gifts, then sell them on



Vegetable eating – get sponsored to eat your greens!



Window cleaning/washing cars – pick up a bucket and get soapy for cash


Welly throwing – players compete to see who can throw their welly the furthest


Waxing – boys, raise some money to get your legs or chest waxed



X-mas fair/party – host a Christmas event and sell themed gifts, cards, food and drink


X-mas card donation – wish your friends and family a ‘happy Christmas’ verbally, and donate the money you would have spent on cards to Ride High. Ask them to do the same



 Yoga marathon – get sponsored to do yoga for a day or sponsored by the hour


‘Yes’ day – get sponsored to say ‘yes’ to everyone’s demands for a day, within reason!



Zany events – people can get sponsored or pay to enter. Hop on one leg for as long as possible, eat jelly with chopsticks, fancy dress, get handcuffed to someone for a day, etc…


Zoo themed fancy dress – everyone pays to dress up as a zoo animal for a day