Children and Horses Working Together

Ride High aims to give each child an enjoyable experience that will help him/her to cope with daily life in a more positive and constructive way.

The specific benefits that Ride High offers can be grouped into three categories:


A) Enhancement of social and personal skills

  • Dealing with horses builds confidence and self esteem.
  • Riding gives a feeling of doing something special, something many of these children will never have had before.
  • Learning to ride and care for a horse brings the satisfaction of learning a new set of skills and a sense of achievement.
  • Looking after a horse encourages responsible behaviour and a positive attitude to safety issues.
  • Riding in a group environment teaches the importance of teamwork and consideration for others.
  • For most children, time spent with horses is enjoyable, fulfilling and absorbing.
  • Membership of a club engenders a sense of belonging to a community.


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B) Health benefits

  • Riding provides outdoor, physical activity for those children who may not enjoy mainstream sport.
  • Riding for one hour burns on average 350 calories.
  • Riding develops balance and coordination.


C) Educational benefits:

  • There is evidence that physical exercise benefits levels of concentration.
  • Club sessions include projects to improve literacy and numeracy such as working out the costs of feeding a pony for a year or writing a riding diary or blog.
  • Trips to associated educational events such as a trip to the Household Cavalry or a Stubb’s exhibition, broaden a child’s experience of the world beyond their home town and open up vocational possibilities.
  • Children are encouraged to contribute to the development and improvement of RIDE HIGH.
  • The children are encouraged to identify ways in which they have benefited from their experience with horses.


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